Eating your way through Melbourne

Recently, I flew to Melbourne for a few days with the full intention of eating and caffeinating myself to an early grave. In Australia, Melbourne is known for its hipster vibes. We’re talking hidden bars, little cafes and lots and lots of coffee.

I had been told to just wander until you find somewhere exciting to eat – you really don’t have to look hard to find some sort of gem.

As soon as I arrived in Melbourne in the wee hours of the morning I went hunting for food, and it didn’t take long to find a nifty little cafe and bar with great food and an entire tractor suspended to the roof – yep, really.

Every little nook and cranny in this city has heaps of food tucked away into them. However, there were a few recommendations that I received for food. I assumed they would be touristy and over-hyped. However, I believe that the following places are definitely worth that hype:

Chin Chins

This Thai restaurant tucked away in Chinatown is pretty expensive, but the food is incredible and the servings are large. I shared a main meal with an entree. And Oh. My. God. This was possibly the best curry I have ever eaten.

Beware though, Chin Chins is incredibly popular and the lines get insane. Unless you want to be waiting outside the doors being made subject to the delicious smells while not being able to indulge in them – come for lunch.

Degraves Street

Again, I assumed this would be a huge tourist trap. It’s hugely busy and everyone talks about it.

Boy, was I wrong.

I was only in Melbourne for four days, but I ended up returning a number of times. This lovely little strip is home to some incredible cafes. My personal favourite was Degraves Espresso Bar, a breakfast and panini restaurant with a wooden bar and vintage cinema seats. The breakfasts seemed to be mostly Spanish inspired – and it did not disappoint.

Queen Victoria Markets

Okay, I know you can’t eat an entire market (not that I wasn’t tempted to try). But hear me out – having opening in 1878 these markets have some of the greatest food that my taste-buds been graced by.

We’re talking roasted chestnuts, huge selections of fresh produce, shop windows filled with cheeses and preserved meats, and a ridiculous amount of baked goods and pastries.

Come with an empty stomach and lots of change.

Little Italy on Lygon Street

So. Much. Pizza.

I came here looking for pizza… and I was spoilt for choice. After walking down the strip a few times I decided on walking into Papa Gino’s.

For a really, really fair price my boyfriend and I were served a large, delicious and fresh pizza. So fresh in fact, that we watched the pizza bases being made.

This is honestly one of the best pizzas I have ever indulged in.


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